To join TCR:

To be a member of Tri-Cities RACES/ARES a few requirements are necessary.
  • Hold a current amateur radio operator license from the FCC
  • Own a 2-meter amateur radio (Dual Band 2-meter/440MHz preferred)
  • Pass a background check Secure Live Scan
Maintaining participation in the group is monitored and increases a members proficiency rating: 
  • Participation / Check-In to weekly radio net – Minimum 1 check-in per month 
  • General Meeting Attendance – Minimum 1 meeting per quarter 
  • Participation in Scheduled Training and Public Service Events – Minimum 2 per calendar year.
Ready to Join?

  • Download a copy of the application below.
  • Using your computer, fill out the document.
  • Print out the document, sign and date it.
  • Bring the completed form to a Tri-Cities RACES Meeting and turn it in to an Officer in attendance.
  • You will be contacted on the next step in the process by the Membership Officer.
Click below to download application